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Why Become a Hypnotist?

• Because you receive a deep satisfaction from helping people

• You are fascinated by the potential of the human mind

• Because you would like to earn extra income and become more independent

• If this resonates with you then become a hypnotist!


Why Omni?

• The Omni Hypnosis Course is simply the most powerful and effective training course there is

• In 7 days you will learn hands on what other courses teach over months saving you time and money

• After taking the Omni Hypnosis Course you will be confident and ready to begin your practice. View the Omni curriculum.





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Introducing the Simpson Protocol 3-Disc Instruction Video and Manual System.  Learn more about this significant advancement in the field of hypnosis.

Ines Simpson is an Omni Hypnosis certified instructor. The Omni Hypnosis course is a powerful proven model.

Learn more about the Omni Hypnosis Course here.

Our services range from individual sessions to training courses for hypnotists.  Learn more about our services by clicking the photo above.

See what people are saying about the Simpson Protocol Workshops...


Working Interactively in the Esdaile State and Beyond


A 3-Disc Instruction Video and Manual System for Hypnotists

by Ines Simpson and Ted Robinson

"With the lack of interactive communication, [the Esdaile State]

couldn’t be used for many other things [besides surgery] in hypnosis.

Ines has broken that barrier. What she has found and how she has figured

out how to use it is a significant advance in our profession. I highly recommend

looking into [the Simpson Protocol] for anyone in the hypnosis community."                                                                                                                                            - H. Larry Elman

New Office Location in Vancouver

Why Me?

• I am an award winning and internationally recognized hypnotist

• I am an expert in all the major hypnosis modalities allowing deep insight during teaching

• I have worked with every aspect of hypnosis from the clinical to the metaphysical

• I am a passionate teacher and mentor who wants you to succeed in hypnosis



I am very excited to announce that I am now settled into my new office in North Vancouver and will officially be open for business as of October 1st! The office is located at #1- 156 West 3rd Avenue which is just up from Lonsdale Quay and the SeaBus. I will also be doing all of the Omni Hypnosis Certification training from there as well as private sessions. The next 7 day Omni Training will be Nov. 4-10th and please call or email for more details!

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